Inter-America celebrates big-city impact from Mexico City

Strategic planning for outreach brings new membership results Read more at the source: Inter-America celebrates big-city impact from Mexico City Article posted on from Adventist News Network.

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Intercer is a website with biblical materials in Romanian, English, Hungarian and other languages. We want to bring the light from God's Word to peoples homes. Intercer provides quality Christian resources...[Read More]

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Lucian Web Service

Intercer is proudly sponsored by Lucian Web Service - Professional Web Services, Wordpress Websites, Marketing and Affiliate Info. Lucian worked as a subcontractor with Simpleupdates, being one of the programmers for the Adventist Church Connect software. He also presented ACC/ASC workshops... [read more]


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Romanian-English Intercer Adventist Global Ministry Celebrates 16 Years of Activity!

Article by: Lucian Mihailescu Intercer History In early June 2013 Intercer celebrated 16 years of activity! Intercer started as the first created Romanian Adventist website, and today Intercer has a network of biblical websites continuing to be the most popular Romanian

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Kameron DeVasher: Revelation 21-22

MP3 Audio, 48 kbps Read more at the source: Kameron DeVasher: Revelation 21-22 Article excerpt posted on from AudioVerse Latest Recordings. … [Read More...]

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Bible Says


Spring Growth

Photo:Studiomill "When you plant a seed something always grows, sometimes it's the seed and sometimes it's the farmer, but hopefully it is both," (Bob Gregory). Spring has definitely sprung, along with plant-life activity around my garden. Many trays with seeds like radishes, beets, lettuce, kale, now an inch tall, line my grow tables. The … [Read More...]

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Staying Young


Language Lessons

Photo: Studiomill My middle son gave me an interesting gift last Christmas: a course in conversational Norwegian. It was a set of CDs. Why Norwegian? My work group is partnered with a Norwegian branch of my company. The team is split between the United States and Norway. Virtually every college-educated European speaks English well – better … [Read More...]

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Family First


Photo: Dreamstime A husband makes a cutting remark to his wife. She fires back a critical comment. He reacts with sarcasm. She spouts off a barrage of jabs. And so it goes back and forth until he withdraws into the basement to work on his favorite hobby and she locks herself upstairs in her sewing room. At bedtime, not a word is spoken … [Read More...]

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City Lights


Sex Sells

Photo: Stephanie Syjuco In case you haven't noticed, sex is big business. It sells cars, clothing, food, furniture, jewelry, music, pharmaceuticals, and just about every other comsumer-oriented product you can think of. It immediately grabs our attention because we are sexual beings. God created us with hormones and sexual desires. There is … [Read More...]

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Healthy Living


It’s Those Little Extras…

Photo: Dreamstime Trying to track sodium intake in our diet can be quite a task… especially if we want to lower our intake. Our first thoughts might be to cut the fries and burgers but what about those little extras we add to these foods? Condiments are some of our favorites but they often come loaded with sodium. How much sodium do we need? … [Read More...]

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Creative Ministry


Above the Earth

"For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His lovingkindness toward those who fear Him."  (Psalm 103:11) NASB Context Winterscape - by Diane Allen © 2014 Center for Creative Ministry © … [Read More...]

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